My First Shroud run

Last night I finally finished flagging for the shroud with Pugsneeze, my friend who had got me into playing the game asked me why in 3 lifes did i not have a single greensteel item. So to be perfectly honest, I didn’t know what that was or what I needed to do to get one. After some research and using a Greensteel Planner, I came up with an amazing Greensteel Bracer idea and crafted the base item for it and went in to The Shroud. I aquired a few of the items needed for the first upgrade, boy I was not expecting to have to run the shroud a million times to aquire all the peices for this item. That being said I was going for a quick completionist on my main character and I am going to delay that a little so that I can make me these Bracers.

The Bracers are going to be amazing or atleast to me. That was the only accessory slot I had that I did not already have an item farmed for my next life. So I want to make an HP Item, with a Displancement Clicky and a permanent Blur. To me this is absolutly amazing! I started playing an alt That is a Rogue, Monk, Wizard mix. I had already had this toon made when I wanted to play a Palemaster back in update 19. After watching and reading a Post by I desided to bring this toon back to life and do a LR and make him more sutable for this new role as a Staff Weilding Monk/Wizard of death. Anyway, the purpose of me posting that is because I have gained this amazing love for Blur and Displacement while playing a Wizard Monk. While I did make min a bit of a trapper and He was a Drow so the build is not quite like Micki’s but She had inspired me to bring Puggly back and play him a bit. He is now level 10 or 9 as of today but he is growing up so quickly.

Now on for my Shroud run. I have a video I recorded that started from “Hairy” and I’ll post that later. I was so tired last night after the run that I didn’t compress it or edit it after filming. Longstory short, It was exciting. I was so lost during the puzzle part of the quest. I went on and used the puzzle solver app but still could not figure it out. I’ll have to do alittle more research before my next run. I was so unprepared for what transpired during the “Hairy” fight. I knew that I needed a Good/Silver weapon to bipass his DR. Pugsneezes currently only likes using is Falchion and Bow, so He went to his local Auctioneer and looked for a Falchion that met his new requirements. Everything was way above his budget. Even a boring old Silver Falchion that He could craft in to the Ultimate Demon Smiting weapon. My only option during the fight was to Use my Aligned Bow with a Artificer’s Silver Weapon Buff. His bow Damage is limited and is only good when he gets his Multishot. That being said, Pugsneeze is going to need to either by the grace of Palor or The Silver Flame, find himself a silver weapon that he can craft so Good into or find his Good alighned Silver Falchion as a random loot. It’s that or *gasp* He may just have to use some other weapon with those. Maybe a Flametouched Falchion will drop in my Future and I can craft some Metaline into it.

Life 4 is going to be a Barbarian build, I just haven’t completed the design yet. Most Likely a Bard/Barb, That 20 HP is just to hard to pass up.