Grimm Pathfinder Game Part 1

So it has been an extremely long time since I last posted anything. I have just been extremely busy with work, the new baby and other things. During the last time I posted, I had really gotten into playing more tabletop games than computer games. So I really haven’t been playing DDO at all.

I enjoy writing and playing out stories. I also enjoy DMing Tabletop games. I was playing a lot of D&D 3.5 and those familiar with DDO know the basic rules of that system. The problem with that is that there is so many extra books ad rules that are completely unbalanced. I had a warrior with an infinate attack combo, and other players that could devistate creatures way above the recomended CR(Chalange Rating). I soon switched over to Pathfinder and it to has its flaws just like anyother game, but it has been a whole lot easier to balance fun and challenges along with keeping an interesting story. You can do this with 3.5 edition but i have just been enjoying the changes made to Pathfinder and it has made for a very enjoyable game.

I ran a few premade adventure paths. They are just campaigns already balanced and designed for four players. I really enjoyed the “Carrion Crown” AP. It was a horror themed campaign and it was fun throughout the entire adventure. But it wasn’t something I could really turn into my own story. It had predesigned encounters and everything was linear. The party was given a very specific mission and they were more or less guided by me down this story. I was able to change a few of the fights, as a few of them were redundant.

So I ventured out took a small break from gaming and was watching some TV. Suddenly I found myself inspired by the TV series “Once Upon A Time”. I said I could make a campaign based on fairy tales. I went to the drawing board. I didn’t want to go by the “Disney” versions of the fairy tales. So I started reading the original Grimms Brothers versions. They were gresome almost more of a horror story than the happy stories you saw as a child.

I decided that I would make this a horror campaign, with running a horror AP, I had a good idea on how to create that sense of suspense and horror. Now I just had to figure out who would be my antagonists, what would be the adventurers goal in the campaign. What if your clasic heroes were actually the villians?

I might end this post here and pick up in a few with the current plot hooks I have developed than in the third part a basic introduction to the setting and where the characters are at now. So that maybe I can recap and figure out ways to improve the campaign as a whole.


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