Just a short Story

My last post was not exactly what I had intended to post. I was writing it so I didn’t lose my thoughts and it was intended to be a draft. I had wanted to make a better short story. I think this post will be the beginning and I’ll have more posts on the story until it concludes. So for the first 6-8 sessions I had been running a module written for 4E that I converted to both Eberron and 3.5ed. It was fun. And after the first session, I realized I had to further adjust some of the creatures inhabiting the dungeons to put them on par with how challenging the encounters would have been with a standard group of characters. And the ogres and pixie will balance out more in the end as they both had a Level Adjust and will not be as high of class level as the other members of the group. I’ll add some pictures and such when I get a chance.

Now for the story of the Heroes;

A map of the area in Karrnath were the story takes place before the island. I did not make this. I found it somewhere. I wish I remember where to give proper credit but I cant.


Prolog in the perspective of three Lakeside citizens

                Like any other winter day, the cold frigid air chills my bones and the putrid smell that comes from the lake is just as unbearable as ever. The smell of death from the war still lingers everywhere. The strangest thing just happened. I swear I saw ogres walking the streets and head into the tavern. There must be something in the air.

                The tavern is packed with would-be heroes, and drunks. What has the world come to when even the monsters my parents warn me about are coming in and looking for adventure? “If you’re looking for work check the board, then be gone!” Ugly beasts, Ogres are. Need to see what these three need. My voice is drowned out by the damn crier, also shouting about the end of the world. He just lost me three customers but on the up side the ogres are gone as well.

                “The shadow haunt is upon us. Khyber will be open and all the demon spawn release upon us. The keep of the Shadowfell is now haven for monsters and the Demon Lord Orcus’ minions. You must all join the fight and stop this!” Day after day I warn them. They never listen! Today though, six stayed. Six will save us. Ugly ones, a pixie, a dwarf, an elf and a woman are the only ones to stay. “You there, adventurers are you? You care to save the world? You must head north. It’s a few days travel by foot. You will find Winterhaven; there will be more answers when you get there. Make haste friends, our world is counting on it.”

Part 1: The Keep on Shadowfell (This was one of the modules I used while working on my island)

Chapter 1:

                My name is William Winklethighson III, this name will be important someday so I feel it necessary to disclose this first and foremost. I am a student at the Bard School of Karrneth and I am working on a tale. For this reason I decided to follow an odd group after seeing them in the town of Lakeside, an assorted bunch. Many people are afraid of monsters like the ogre, me I find them fascinating.

                Loud footsteps could be heard for many yards away as the half-ogre couple stomped along the road to Winterhaven. Shrek and Fiona, a somewhat odd married couple of half-ogres had set out for adventure. Why the came to Karrnath is still a mystery to me that and ogre marriges is a scary thought to me.  I did not get to speak with them as much as some of the others. I knew they were man and wife and that Fiona controlled Shrek. Neither the most intelligent of beasts and often they found themselves knocking on death’s door.

                Greg wobbled as fast as he could behind the ogres for the most part. Greg’s story was simple. He was not the best at typical dwarven occupations. He thought he was destined for more. So with nothing more than his coin purse, rags on his back and an axe, he went out looking for adventure.  He is not the strongest of dwarfs but he is as sturdy as the mountains he came from. Which ones, well, he refused to tell me. Might have something to do with why he left home.

                Victor, that one is by far the oddest of the bunch. He claims to be related to about five other people, that all have a different mother. He is half-drow and fights in the most unusual ways. Sometimes I thought he would have been better in theater than in the heart of a dungeon. We all realize our destinies at some point. Maybe one day I will be writing a different tale about his glorious acting career.

                Soriya was a pixie. There really isn’t much else to say about her. She often hid from anything that moved or she flew around Shrek and Fiona for protection. There may have been more to that story but I was unable to get an interview with her. All I knew was she was a fire bug. If ever there was something flammable, it was often set ablaze. Surprisingly that small creature did more damage over the time I spent following them than the rest of the party combined.

                Andromeda didn’t seem to fit into the group. Greg was a good friend of hers but everyone else seemed to be uninterested in her. She was rather evil. Not in the, I’m going to take over the world or leader of a demonic colt evil, but she had her moments. She was the only human in the group so I could relate with her at times. I would not want to share treasures with the ogre brutes either.

                Finally there was Rompompom. The goliath traveled with the party sometimes. She was never one for words other than with the pixie. They whispered secrets that to this day I still wonder about. While not the most valiant of warriors, she did on occasion hit things extremely hard. Much of the tales of her involve trying to stop fights mid battle with her soft spoken voice, it rarely worked out for her.

                Coin and the opportunity to prove their worth was the motivation to head to Winterhaven. The true purpose of this adventure seemed to be lost on this group. They just wanted fame and fortune. How they got it was unimportant to them. This fact in mind made me almost give up on using them as subjects for my tale. Time and time again I ask myself, will this be an epic tale of valor and heroism or a tale of folly and defeat?


I’ll have another installment on the tales of this group later. This was hopefully a more enjoyable introduction to the group and next will be their first few encounters and their first visit to the town of Winterhaven.

This is one of my pugs Dilbert. Not really relevant to the Post but I couldn't stop laughing and thought it might cheer up someone.
This is one of my pugs Dilbert. Not really relevant to the Post but I couldn’t stop laughing and thought it might cheer up someone.

Thank you for reading and Happy Questing!


2 thoughts on “Just a short Story

    1. Yeah those two have always had clever names for their Characters. Although the most entertaining thing about running a campaign with my current group is their unorthodox ways of trying to fight in combat. The guy that plays the Drow, has always been very vivid with how he attacks. They keep it interesting, that’s kind of the reason I felt the need to blog some if not all of it.

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