Few games done in my Homebrew Campaign and an update on Pugsneeze

It’s been a while since my last post. I DM’d two sessions in my campaign I posted about earlier on. It went fairly well. I found a somewhat interesting way to balance the two ogres and pixie PC’s. The island that is know by the men of Stormreach was occupied by mostly Ogres, trolls and fey creatures. So when they arrived in Stormreach, the people though that they attack has been brought to them. Those three PC’s where kidnapped and brought to the island as slaves. This helped in two ways. It made them more feel less like overpowered hero’s of legend and it gave the rest of the party a reason to head out to the island. While on the island they freed their companions and explored some of the island looking for clues and a way to help colonize the island. One of the Ogre’s angered a pixie tribe by trampling their homes and almost had a change in alignment. He came up with a fairly good reason why it was justified. He now has a bounty on his head and there have been a few fey creatures that have tried to collect this bounty. They also found out that not only have the Fey been fighting to keep their land from the Humans but Ogres and Trolls have been moving out of their caves in the mountains and have been trying to steal land from them. That and Paldamar had been raising an army to the far north in the icy portion of the island. That is what they know of now. I have a few more surprises for them in future sesions and I am really liking this more sandbox way of playing. 


So Pugsneeze has been a little neglected as of late. I have been playing him but its been a slow process. He is now sitting at level 10 and almost ready to take level 11. I am really enjoying playing a barbarian. I do find myself in a few sticky situations where I wish I didn’t just rush in a go berserk on everything but it makes it feel more like a real barbarian. What kind of barb would I be if I planed, thought or had any tactics other than smashing? There isn’t much of the roleplaying in a MMO but I like to set limitations on myself and sudo inforce a little roleplaying as long as I am soloing. Thats what I really love about D&D is you can be your character for a few hours a week and really feel the role without the chance of being cut down by an enemy.


Thanks for reading and happy questing!


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