ESO Beta Testing and Pugsneeze’s Barb life!

                  I had an exciting weekend. I was Beta testing ESO, and played that for about 2 hours. It plays a lot like any of the other Elder Scrolls games and like most of them I just gave up after a while. I really enjoyed Skyrim I played hours and hours of it while I was in Iraq the last time, mainly when the internet went down or was to slow to play Starcraft (which was almost all the time). I have just never finished Skyrim. I always get extremely high level just doing hundreds of side quests and coming up with these themed builds for my characters and then I start a new one before I even make it that far into the story. That’s how this game felt to me. Except I was extremely limited to how I can customize my character. Unlike in the other Elder Scrolls games, this one features a class system. You pick a class during character creation and you play that classes roll. There is no making a stealth archer with restoration. I understand why they did it this way. It’s for balancing purposes but it just doesn’t feel like Elder Scrolls anymore.

My PnP game was cancelled this week due to a few of the players not being able to show up. Oh I had some crazy stuff planed for them. Been working for weeks making this perfect adventure. A few of the players like to do this min maxed characters that do obscene amounts of damage or just wont even get hurt. So I try and make Monsters for them to fight that will be somewhat challenging. A lot of the times I just raise the Hit Dice of the weaker minion types and Add in like a mind flayer, that is not ment to destroy the group but just to get them to think before they try to rush in and murder everything, even my vital NPC’s that where not ment to be killed but to help give the story flavor and advance it a little. So far they have not quite picked up on it and have, numberous times, almost died.

Anyway I digress. I had plenty of DDO time and time to hang out with the wife and dogs. She was rather happy I didn’t go and DM a game over the weekend because sometimes that games last longer than we anticipated. I said earlier I had TR’d Pugsneeze and he is now a barbarian. This has been extremely fun. Once he hit level 4 I gave him that Axe from the Delara Chain, Canifex I think it’s called and he hits like a truck. Almost as hard as my paladin did in his high teens. It’s always nice to see a cleave and enemies just dropping around me. I’ve been doing what I had said I was going to do in my blog about holding levels. I have been holding the level up until I complete all the quests that I can at level, while still skipping a few of the quests that I hate (Stealthy Repossessions comes to mind here). I’m at level 6 almost done with all those quests. I think I have a few of the Sharn syndicate quests and proof is in the poison. I have tried about 4 times to get Proof is in the Poison done. First I ran it alone, well with a cleric hire, and made it a bit of the way in but finally got blasted by the casters. I had then found a group of 3 and it was going very smooth but my internet crashed as we were coming to the end of the quest. I didn’t get to get back on in time to finish the quest. The third and fourth time, I had 2 others with me and a cleric hire and we just couldn’t get very far. The casters with their stupid lightning kept blasting us and the traps got us a few times so we called it. I’m starting to think that I am not destined to complete this quest. I’ll give it one more go tonight after work along with finishing the Sharn quests and I’ll be ready to take level 7.

 I’ve been also working on another toon. Pugsly, He is a staff wielding Eldrich Knight with a splash of monk and rogue. Similar to the build Miki had posted a while back. I really like it. I got my vampire shroud last week I think it was and went to do Elite Delara’s Tomb. Got blasted by a light spell and cried a little. That spell hit me so hard. But I am going to keep on going and hopefully Pugsly will come into his own soon and make his Pug family proud.

Thanks for reading. I’ll try and post a few pictures up when I get off work tonight.


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